Green hydrogen from wastewater electrolysis

Our electrolyser system revolutionises the waste-energy nexus – through the conversion of industrial wastewater into low-cost, renewable hydrogen.

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switcH2 Electrolyzer

switcH2 have developed electrolysis technology that can harness the organic waste from breweries to generate clean hydrogen energy. The electrolyzer contains specially designed catalysts with a specific composition that can effectively break down organic waste to generate hydrogen, valorizing the waste and promoting the transition to a circular economy.

When combined with input renewable energy to power the electrolyzer, the hydrogen produced can be used as a zero emission fuel which can power a range of brewery processes. The hydrogen can be blended (up to 15%) with natural gas to power the boilers, be used directly to power forklifts and trucks, or be reconverted back into electricity for night time or on-peak clean energy on demand.